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Posted by: Yanic Simmard | Posted On: May 14, 2012
Raised in a family where both his parents and grandparents ran a successful construction business in Montreal, Yanic learned from an early age that good design and quality workmanship are integral to the art of living. Yanic has applied his considerable experience in the building trade – along with his creative talents - to founding the Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG), one of the country’s leading design firms.

The road to design success for Yanic did take some detours along the way. After exploring Interior Design in Montreal, he spent several years in television where he enjoyed a successful career as a host for an entertainment show. Despite a promising career in media, Yanic never abandoned his love for Interior Design. A keen market observer and creative thinker, he came to believe that Transitional Design was the way of the future – and set out to spread the good word to the world at large.

With a talented team of professionals based in Toronto, Yanic strives to create new and innovative spaces for his wide range of clients. His versatile style ranges from minimalist to modern to elaborate traditional. Practicality and functionality play a large role in the development of projects, in addition to cost-effective delivery at the end result achieved by mixing “old and new” and “high and low”.

Yanic Simard has been featured in many Canadian and international publications and he also contributes as a design guest expert to the Canadian acclaimed City TV show City Line.